Sheilalmudi Bangalow :Where serenity awaits

As serenity and fresh air become more and more rare in big cities, it is a welcoming break to find retreats to relax and unwind. From the time you book your stay at this stunning property, your experience will begin. I was pleasantly surprised with the phone call to check my dietary preferences. The food was soulful and made with so much passion and made as per my requirements.I am not a foodie but a resort which serves fresh food as per your request definitely made my experience better. The feeling of eating home made fresh cherry jam with toast and sipping a cup of hot chai and looking into a lush green valley will always be etched in my memory.The food at Sheikalmudi Bungalow will remind you that you are staying at a home away from home. I loved the english breakfast and the local breakfast menu, some of the ingredients are homegrown and the others arrive fresh from Pollachi on a daily basis. The staff are extremely well trained to feed their guests with tasty food and pamper them spoilt! I was looking forward to each meal because the food was made with a lot of love and care.

The staff provided excellent service which made my vacation morer relaxing.I am happy i did not have to deal with untrained and clueless staff.I was told that the staff are carefully selected and trained.They have a vast knowledge about the local culture, wildlife and they are willing to  accompanying you in the jungle treks and tea plantation walks, most often sharing stories on their experience growing up in the mighty Anamalai Hills.

The view from my room was lovely, I could sit there the whole day and stare into the endless green valley. Valparai as a destination was more than I expected. It did not feel extremely commercial. It is a beautiful valley nestled between lush green tea estates and forest.

It is the perfect destination for nature and animal lovers.It is pollution free which makes it a perfect weekend break for anybody living near Valparai. It’s located 3,500 feet above sea level on the Anamalai mountain range and has wide spread mountains and forest all around. Valparai shares it’s boundaries with Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Eravikulam National Park and Vazhachal forest division.

Nature enthusiasts and adventure junkies can take a walk either in the tea plantations with fragmented forests or they can pay a visit to the backwaters of Sholayar Dam where one can photograph wild animals if they are lucky. Shekalmudi Bungalow presents endless opportunity for nature lovers and wildlife photographers. From the frequent sounds of songbirds singing, to the occasional sounds of the massive Great Indian Hornbill flapping its wings and gliding past the landscape it is a feast to nature lovers. Elephants come in most of the year and are mostly seen around the backwaters. As dusk sets in, the night critters show up while the cold breeze softly engulfs you. Occasional calls of Jungle Fowls late evenings makes the experience unforgettable.You can spot elephants, wild pig, leopards and other wild animals and its a wonderful experience to drive around the mountain tea estates enjoying the pleasant climate.When you book a package with the Bungalow, you will get a ride into the forest with an expert explaining the landscape and the birds which are endemic to the western ghats.

When i was leaving for Valparai, my daughter was asking me what my agenda was and I said, “I am going to just enjoy the nature and do nothing”. It is a perfect place to just unwind and breathe fresh air.  I loved the feeling that this Bungalow felt like home and a hotel. It had the right balance between a home stay and a hotel. I met the owner and I was really impressed with his knowledge on all the birds and animals which are endemic to the western ghats. During our conversation, I found out that he had assisted a videographer on ‘Our Planet’ which is on Netflix. He is extremely passionate about biodiversity and conservation of nature. He showed me a photograph of a leopard he had clicked two days before I went, unfortunately, I was not lucky to spot any leopard. I was super nervous about being attacked by one when i went for my morning walk but the owner was with me which gave me some comfort.I spotted leopard poop which made me more scared, I shared it on my instagram stories later.Although,Valparai is stunningly beautiful, you would have to be very careful and aware at all times and always take somebody who is well acquainted with the forest with you when you go for a walk.

There are local buses which go from Pollachi to Valparai.Pollachi has a railway station and a bus station connection it to other metro cities in India.The closest airport is either Cochin or Coimbatore.En route to Valparai is the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary where lion-tailed macaque, the Nilgiri and the common langur, Malabar giant squirrel, elephant, gaur, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer and wild boar reside. From Valparai you can visit the Aliyar, Sholaiyar and Nirar dams.

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