“Style is something that each of us already has. All we need to do is find it”:Diane von Furstenberg

Walk into my Wardrobe

My clothes are an extension of my personality.I am an extremely friendly and outgoing person and my wardrobe is a reflection of my personality. My fashion sense is currently undergoing many changes with my body. (Pun intended) .I truly believe in dressing your body, everybody can look great if they choose to wear the right clothes. I don’t like wearing shorts anymore because it emphasizes my thighs which I prefer not showing too much so I try to wear a long front open top or something which takes attention away from my thighs.The yellow dress cut is one of my favorite cuts because I am small on top and big below the waist, it is a great cut for a pear shaped body.


I have always loved buying fabrics and making my own clothes. What I truly enjoy about traveling within India (also Thailand) is going to weavers directly and sourcing fabric. Finding a good tailor to make it is always a challenge but I have managed most of the time. I am obsessed with all kinds of Indian fabrics from Karaikudi checks to Jaipuri block prints and everything in between from Kalamkari to Ikats and Benarasi. I make them into whatever I feel like at that moment. I have an inherent sense of what works for me and I try and stick to that but I am also very experimental and try and have a variety in my wardrobe.

How cute is this top !!


I live in an expat community and constantly meet people from different nationalities, I feel good to represent my country through my clothes. India is fun, vibrant and colorful and I think my wardrobe is all of that.


I don’t wear only Indian handlooms all the time,I love Korean fashion too. I buy a lot of Korean brands.I also love Zara,it’s probably my favorite high street brand but I don’t like too many people having the exact same dress because i feel it takes away the individuality. This feeling always pushes me to source fabric and make my own clothes. My everyday wardrobe is predominantly a mix of tailor made clothes,Korean brands and Zara.


I absolutely love market shopping in Bangkok, my favorite places to shop are Siam square,Chatuchak designer market and Platinum.I always find something in these places but the downside is that the fabric Is not breathable.Whenever I am in Bangalore,I love to shop at ‘House of Tamara’. They have beautiful accessories and a variety of sustainable fabric.


My first passion is Yoga, I am not sure how my life would have been if I did not find yoga…maybe yoga found me and helped me improve the quality of my life.My yoga is the life I live off the mat,I enjoy my asana practice but I believe yoga begins when you leave your mat.It is the life you choose to live and the person you choose to be. I am an extremely positive person and I think yoga helped me achieve this perspective towards life.It has been life changing and I am so grateful for what yoga has given me.


My Instagram is more of a spiritual blog than a fashion blog. Follow Aparna here. I love writing about how the spiritual path is helping me lead a better quality of life.


My feed is an extension of my personality through my photography. Fashion is something I enjoy but I never wanted to blog about it. I was uncomfortable doing this but I also had fun and this gave me an opportunity to explore a different side of me.

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