Puff it Up with stylish puff sleeves

Puff it Up:Stylish Puffy Sleeves

OMG!!I absolutely love puff sleeves, they are all over my instagram feed. I know the word iconic gets thrown around a lot in fashion but I truly believe that the puff sleeves trend is ICONIC.I dont even understand why this trend goes away,in my opinion,puff sleeves should be a staple in your wardrobe.They assert a level of boss in control look and I personally feel like I can fly.Yes!It feels like having a personal parachute with you as you walk,that might sound crazy to people but I think its super cool.Throughout history,heads of state and fashion icons From Queen Elizebeth I to Elizebeth Taylor have rocked this trend and I can never forger the iconic wedding dress worn by princess Diana.In India,almost all celebrities have rocked the puff sleeves look last year.This look has fully infiltrated fashion from Indie labels to haute couture.

This style has enduring appeal especially when women want to make a bold style statement.Its ultra feminine and absolutely anyone can wear these statement sleeves.In an era where women are claiming equal rights,they are increasingly turning to fashion as a way to redefine what it means to dress like a boss lady. The princess-esque puff sleeve unites the strong shoulder trend with’ 70s power dressing and the modern feminist movement.

Are you ready to wear the puff sleeve look?Here are a few looks from my wardrobe that ayone can wear.

I personally love this white exaggerated sleeves which slide down my shoulders.Since its white,it can be paired with almost anything.I love accessorizing white in many different ways.This puff sleeves top can be worn effortlessly to office or a casual outdoors brunch, this transition piece pairs well with sneakers, boots or sandals and can be worn with formal trousers and shorts.

This assymetrical puff sleeved crop top effortlessly combines many different trends ,its a perfect assymetrical crop top that can be worn with trousers,skirts,shorts and it is also a perfect blouse for a saree.

This mint green puff sleeves makes a bold style statement and lookd perfect with high waist mom jeans and a statement Indian necklace.It helps to create an effortless indo western fusion look.

This Ajrakh puff sleeve top which I custom made can be styled in so many ways.It can be worn with many different colors of trousers,some easy pairing options would be different shades of blue,mustard,black and white.It can be worn as a saree blouse and you can accessorize it with trraditional Indian jhumkas or western earrings.

This is similar to the white top and can be worn with many different trousers and accessories.Plain colors are obviously very easy to pair with almost any print or other plain colors which compliment the color.

This is a Ajrakh printed asymmetrical puffed sleeve top I designed and custom made by myself.This is extremely versatile,I have worn it with high waist jeans,white trousers,black high waist shorts and worn it as a blouse for a saree.

Award Title:Perfect style statement Description:This black puffed sleeve top makes a bold and feminine style statement. This black top is perfect to style with many different colors of trousers, shorts and skirts. 


Award Title : Perfect puff sleeve top

Description:This checked puff sleeve top is made from cotton and its perfect to pair with jeans for a smart casual look. https://www.amazon.in/One-Femme-Checkered-OFTPH108_Black-02_Small/dp/B07VBRHZTW/ref=mp_s_a_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=puffed+sleeves+tops+for+women&qid=1584185845&sprefix=Puffed+&sr=8-6

Award Title :Elegant and Classy

Description:This beige puff top made ftom crepe fabric is perfect to use for a formal and casual look. 


Award Title :Beautiful Style Statement

Description :This necklace can be worn for a traditional Indian look and it can also be worn to create a Indo Western fusion look.


Award Title :Highly Recommended 

Description :This beautiful Ajrakh block printed fabric is perfect to custom make anything of your choice. 


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