Sarees with Sneakers

Sarees with Sneakers

I personally love the idea of wearing a lightweight cotton handloom saree with sneakers.They are so comfortable and perfect for hot summer days.I have always believed that it is important to support the weaving communities in India and the best way to do that is to try and buy handloom sarees.Did you know that the saree as a style statement can be traced back to the indus valley civilization?It is interesting to see how this garment has evolved over the years.It would be sad if the saree loses its fashion value,its such a huge part of our culture and heritage and I hope we can ensure it is worn for many more generations.

Today,there are absolutely no rules on how to wear a saree and what blouse to wear with it.The only rule I follow is ‘breaking all rules’.Some people still dont like to wear sarees with sneakers but as you can see in the pictures,it looks absolutely stylish and easy to wear.I personally love the plain white converse sneakers but you can wear them with any style of sneakers depending on the color of the saree.

Sarees can be styled in so many different ways,I wore this saree recently for two different ocassions.I wore it for a lunch with a friend and wore it to a temple and a weaving community again last week.I styled it completely differently on both the ocassions.I personally love wearing sarees outside India because it is always a conversation starter about Indian fabrics and weaving communities across India.I love telling people how textile rich India is as a country and a handloom saree is a perefect way to show our rich textile culture to the world.I love the color of this steel grey saree,it has a traditional print but the color gives it a very modern look.

As you can see,I have worn big earrings and a white sleeveless crop top on one ocassion and I wore the attached blouse with the same print on another ocassion.This saree is so lightweight and fluid,I absolutely love how stylish and comfortable this saree is.Comfort is a huge part of my style statement,I prefer wearing clothes which are easy to wear for longer hours and handloom light weigh sarees are amazing during the warm months.

My best advice for buying a handloom saree is to probably just tell you to go  buy any handloom saree in the fabric of your choice.I personally prefer light and fluid fabrics.I always advice people to choose a color which suits them which will help them in wearing it more often.The one thing I try and do before buying a saree is think of atleast five different crop tops and jewelry in my wardrobe I can pair it with.This ensures that I use it more and not get bored of it quickly.As i mentioned,there are absolutely no rules in the way to style a saree,I wore a bandini saree recently on a holiday and ran around the whole day,it was so comfortable.I just tied it much higher than usual which helped me walk around more comfortably.

So,what are you waiting for?Go pick up a beautiful handloom saree and start styling it many different ways.

Here are five products I recommend to create this look:

Award Title : Extremely Versatile

Product Description :These sneakers are have lightweight cushioning and shock absorption. They come with a full rubber outsole which ensures durability and comfort.

Award Title: Stylish and Comfortable 

Description:These are Adidas shoes with a synthetic outer layer. They have a round toe finish ensuring comfort.

Award Title :Bright and Beautiful 

Description :This is a 100% silk cotton handloom saree which can be washed in the machine. It has cute pom poms on the pallu and comes with a blouse.

Award Title :Perfect for Indian Summer

Description :This is a beautiful grey Linen cotton saree which can be paired with many different blouses, this is sold with one attached blouse.

Award Title :Soft and Comfortable 

Description :The saree is made of Banarasi Silk-Cotton fabric. This soft and lightweight fabric gives you comfort and convenience while wearing. The smooth finish of the saree allows it to adapt perfectly to your body shape.

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