Styling a basic cream/white dress

Styling a basic cream/white dress

I am obsessed with bright colors but i am equally obsessed with plain shades of cream and white.They can be worn by everybody and are super easy to accessorize.They are the perfect color for summer and a cream or a white dress never goes out of style.A white dress is timelessly stylish.

It was first immortalized by Marylin Monroe in her famous white dress scene from her movie, The Seven Years Itch and how can we forget the short white skirt and top Kajol wore in DDLJ. All through the years even today, a white dress is in style. Especially, our spring/summer wardrobe is incomplete without a white dress outfit. But most women don’t opt for one, mainly because they believe an all white dress to be the trickiest piece to pull off. If you are running out of ideas and styling tips for a white dress outfit, no worries, I will share a few easy tips on buying and styling the perfect white dress.

I personally prefer a casual lose fit which is easy and breezy for the summer and I try and pick the right shade of white.White is not just one color. There are a number of shades available in white. It is essential to pick the right shade, according to your skin tone. The brighter shades of white are perfect for the girls with dark skin tone. Girls with warmer skin tones should look for cream and ivory shades of white. Sometimes mixing of different shades of white in one ensemble helps in getting rid of a one tone look but I always try and accessorize it in different ways to create a fun and colorful look.Using colorful fashion accessories with white can add a standout style. Be it a clutch,earrings, jacket, shoes or handbag. Even adding a boldly hued lipstick would get you in the spotlight. The colors that go best with a white dress are all the colors possible.I think white can be paired with every bright color or pastel color.They can also be paired withy stripes,florals etc etc.The best part about a white dress is that it does not limit the way you can style it which makes it a sustainable choice to wear in various different combinations and styles.

White dresses tend to give a simpler look, so you can easily go bolder in the choice of jewelry. Instead of opting for white jewelry, play with colors. Metallic and wooden jewelry pieces are great options. For special evening parties, accentuate your white outfit with bejeweled earrings and necklaces.For a boho look,add a fun statement colorful earrings or necklace.There are limitless options of shoes to wear with a simple white dress,you can wear jhootis,moccasins,heels,chappals with a casual white dress.A white dress is perfect from morning to evening and can be styled differently depending on the occasion.In conclusion, a cream or white dress is a timeless treasure and women of any age group can easily pull this color.

Award Title:Comfortable and Stylish 

Description :A stylish white cotton dress with chest pockets to make it look very trendy.

Award Title :Beautiful Dress

Description :A beautiful white cotton dress with a bow on the waist to make it extra stylish.

Award Title :Colorful and Stylish 

Description :A multi colored jhoothi to add a bold style statement to your outfits.

Award Title :Highly Recommended 

Description :A beautiful traditional earrings to add a bold style statement to your outfits.

Award Title:Must Buy

Description :An absolutely stunning pair of handcrafted meenakari enamel earrings.

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