About Me


I am a full time mom of two lovely girls, I am a part time yoga teacher and I write on travel and style with a focus on sustainability . I love to work on projects which combine yoga, travel and fashion and that is why I have a deep rooted love for India.

I Contribute to empower weavers in India in my own small way.I believe that Indian textiles are incredibly beautiful and I love sourcing fabric directly from the grassroots and designing my own clothes. I strongly believe in the concept of farm to fashion.

I work with heritage properties and sustainable brands to create stories and inspire others to change the world. My mission is to create incredible possibilities and encourage people to live a more meaningful life. ​

I love traveling solo across India and discovering stories to share with people. I have travelled to more than 40 countries. I travel the world to discover humanity, understand a new culture and connect with the local people.

I currently live in Bangkok, I was born in Coimbatore(India) and went to a British boarding school in a beautiful area known as the Nilgiris in South India.I love my life and I love sharing it with you on this website.I hope I can inspire a few women to find magic and happiness in the ordinary and live a joyful life.